Treat your posh wine glasses with a bit of respect with Tipple

The brief

Tipple is a handy fun functional little product that helps holds your wine glasses in your dishwasher. I was asked to create a little identity to support this cheerful little product including the actual naming of the product.

The idea

The inspiration for the identity came from the aesthetics of the product, the way it moves, feels, its highly graphical sturdy construction. You get a lot of satisfaction from holding this product, which is what a good kitchen utensil really should give you. I wanted to reflect this in the design of the logo and the packaging, and of course the name, everything had to give you that ‘lovely’ feeling.

The result

It wasn’t the hugest project I have ever embarked on, but it was certainly one of the most free in terms of being able to apply some very fun creative thinking.
The overall look and feel of the identity, has a specific personality, one of friendliness and familiarity. The packagings retro feel, with the use of large bold shapes and toned down colours attracts you to the product. Whilst the name of the product ‘Tipple’ is well, just lovely.


The origin of the word ‘Tipple’ is unknown, it possibly has some Scandinavian connection (which is a nice little thing) but I knew it as a word that is used to describe someones favourite go to drink. ‘What’s your tipple’ one might say to another in reference to offering them a drink. So we took the idea of the ‘thing’ you go to as a source for the name. Like ‘Tipple’ should be your go to kitchen utensil.
The word Tipple also has a really lovely polite sound when pronounced, it is delicate and light, which associates nicely to the fact that it is protecting your beloved glasses.
The animated version of the logotype mimics the way the product bends to accommodate different size glasses.


One would normally view tipple from above when it is sitting in your dishwasher, and so the packaging illustration was designed with that in mind. The circle and cross are apparent when viewing the product from above.