Conca Vodka

Disrupting the world of Vodka in the form of a Panamerican spirit with a very specific target audience. 

The Absolut Vodka Company asked for a new vodka brand aimed towards Latino new millennials living in LA on both strategic and visual levels.

The name Con (with) ca (character) is the essence of the Latino population in LA, everything they do oozes character. 

It was imperative that the mark felt alive, full of motion and energy. Full of colour and welcoming. Void of trends and expectations.

wall showing design process
sketch of conca logos
Wall of concar vodka bottle sketches

Everything about the bottle and its design went against the formalities and clichés of a Vodka.

Typically Vodka bottles are clear, so that one can see the purity of the Vodka, but this was not at the top of the list of importance when it came to the research. So a black bottle was chosen, a more honest reflection of peoples inner energy and spur of the moment living.

We even used a cork bottle cap so you got that party ‘pop’ when you opened the bottle.

Vodka bottles on green background

A website was created that could act as a hub for news, events and new recipes.