Who are we

People ask us what we do for a living, so to keep the answer simple we just say that we are creative and strategic designers. But for us, it’s actually a lot deeper than that.

As doers

The next question after that, if they are interested in knowing more is usually, ‘so what does a ‘creative strategic’ designer do?’. Then we’re like, ‘well we are DOERs AT BASE LEVEL, BUT IT INVOLVES BEING CREATORs, PATTERN MAKERs, TUTORs, ADVISERs, LISTENERs,  STRATEGISTs, WRITERs, METHOD MAKERs, PROCESSORs, DRAWERs, RESEARCHERs, SOURCEs OF INSPIRATION, ENERGY CREATORs AND MANY MORE.

Lovers of ideas

Being designers we believe that one has a responsibility of being aware of your roots, understand the history and methods of your crafts, the origins of where your inspiration lies and an appreciation for all the scholars who put in the hours in order for us all to be better at what we do.

We have a huge appreciation and love of old things, filling our spare time with learning new skills, be that as printers, mechanics, bakers, gardeners or ceramicists. They are all things rooted in technique, tried and tested, there to be improved and adapted, but always acknowledged.

The ‘what if’ approach

Having ‘what if’s’ in your life encourages you to pursue more things. The pursuit of trying something new.