People ask me what I do for a living, so to keep the answer simple I say i’m a creative designer. But it annoys me every time that I have to give that answer, it’s actually a lot deeper than that.

As a doer

The next question after that, if they are interested in knowing more is usually, ‘so what does a ‘creative’ designer do’. Them i’m all like, ‘well I am mostly a branding creative’, and then the hole I have dug becomes a whole lot deeper.

I’m a doer at base level, but it involves being a creator, pattern maker, tutor, adviser, listener,  strategist, writer, method maker, processor, drawer, researcher, a source of inspiration, energy creator and many more.

As a beekeeper

I took up beekeeping a few years back. I love the idea of new challenges and being into the whole home grown stuff I thought I would give it a go. The more I tend these little creatures the more I have to respect them, they become a metaphor for the way you want to run your life.

Their commitment, structure, teamwork, communication, free will, they become a cliché but one of those you are quite happy to reference.

As a lover of technique

Being a designer I believe that you have a responsibility to be aware of your roots, understand the history and methods of your craft, the origins of where your inspiration lies and an appreciation for all the scholars who put in the hours in order for us all to be better at what we do.

I have a huge appreciation and love of old things and fill my spare time with learning new skills, be that as a printer, mechanic, baker, gardener.

They are all things rooted in technique, tried and tested, there to be improved and adapted, but always acknowledged.

As the Cakemaker

I had a choice to make early on, to train as a chef or as a designer. At such a young age it surprised me that the reason I chose the latter was because I would ‘need to pay the bills’, quite mature for an 18 year old. Don’t get me wrong, the decision I made was the right one, but the reasoning behind it was maybe a little naive. Which is why I keep cooking and baking.

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Having ‘what if’s’ in your life encourages you to pursue more things. The pursuit of trying something new.